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Tirana, Albania
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About this tour

The “CLASSIC TOUR ” tour by Evasion Albania is an 8-day adventure that includes:

Cultural Tour: Explore Albania’s rich cultural heritage with visits to historical cities like Tirana, Shkoder, and Kruje, delving into the country’s traditions, arts, and historical figures like Skanderbeg.

Historical Tour: Uncover Albania’s layered history with visits to significant archaeological sites like Apollonia and Butrint, both offering insights into ancient civilizations and Albania’s historical significance in the region.

Architectural Tour: Discover unique Albanian architecture in cities like Berat, known as “The City of a Thousand Windows,” and Gjirokaster, the “Stone City,” both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Religious Tour: Experience the religious harmony of Albania with visits to various religious sites in Shkoder and other cities, showcasing the coexistence of Catholic, Orthodox, and Islamic traditions.

Wine and Culinary Tour: Enjoy a wine tasting in Berat and savor traditional Albanian cuisine throughout the journey, providing a taste of the local culinary traditions.

Scenic and Nature Tour: Travel through the stunning Albanian Riviera, visit the Llogara National Park, and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the Ionian coast, offering moments of relaxation and natural beauty.


  • Tirana Welcome: Start your journey in Albania's vibrant capital, Tirana, with a warm welcome and potential city tours, immersing you in the lively atmosphere and rich history from day one.
  • Shkoder Visit: Explore Shkoder, a city known for its religious harmony and cultural diversity, standing at the crossroads of Catholic, Orthodox, and Islamic influences.
  • Kruje Exploration: Discover Kruje, the hometown of Albania's national hero, Skanderbeg. Visit the Skanderbeg Museum and the old market for a deep dive into Albanian history and culture.
  • Ardenice and Apollonia: Journey to the serene Orthodox Monastery of Ardenice and the ancient city of Apollonia, offering a glimpse into Albania's rich archaeological heritage and stunning landscapes.
  • Vlore Insights: Continue to Vlore, a pivotal city in Albania's independence, and explore its historical significance and coastal beauty.
  • Riviera and Butrint: Travel along the breathtaking Albanian Riviera to the UNESCO-listed archaeological site of Butrint, a testament to the region's layered history from Greek to Venetian times.
  • Sarande Seaside: Enjoy the charm and beauty of Sarande, with its lovely promenade and Mediterranean vibe, marking a relaxing end to a day of exploration.
  • Gjirokaster, the Stone City: Delve into the "Stone City" of Gjirokaster, another UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its well-preserved Ottoman architecture and historical significance.
  • Berat, the City of a Thousand Windows: Be enchanted by Berat's unique architecture and historical depth, earning it the title of a UNESCO World Heritage site and the nickname "City of a Thousand Windows."
  • Return to Tirana: Conclude your tour back in Tirana, taking in the city's modern energy, historical sites, and vibrant nightlife, especially in the trendy Blok district.
  • Departure: Say goodbye to Albania with a heart full of memories, enriched by the diverse experiences and cultural insights gained throughout your journey.
  • This classic tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Albania's historical sites, cultural diversity, natural beauty, and culinary delights, promising an unforgettable experience across this vibrant country.


Landing in Tirana, at the International Tirana Airport “Mother Therese”

You will be welcomed by the staff of our agency and accompanied to the hotel where you will be staying the first night.

Some visits of the city maybe planned, but it will be decided upon the time of arrival.

Overnight in Tirana

Tirane – Shkoder 1h 40min;    

We will go to Shkodra, on the border with Montenegro. This town is the symbol of harmony between all the coexisting religions in Albania. You will see some Catholic, Orthodox Muslim and Bektashi monuments.

Tirane – Shkoder 1h 20min;    

Then we will go visiting the town of Kruja. Kruja is known as the hometown of Skanderbeg, a 15th century Albanian leader, considered as our national hero for his fight against the Ottoman Empire. We will have the opportunity to learn more about this great leader by visiting the museum which was named after him, “Skanderbeg Museum”. The ethnographic museum is also an opportunity to discover the local culture, lifestyle and family traditions. Finally, we can have a stroll between the stalls of the old market located on a charming square with cobbled streets: ideal to pick some souvenirs !

Overnight stay in Kruja.

Kruje – Ardenice 1h 30min;

Today we will go to the Orthodox monastery of Ardenica. The only one still operating in Albania! The quality of its frescoes attracts many visitors each year. From there you will have a spectacular view all over the fields up to the sea

Then, we will travel to Fier to visit the archaeological site of Apollonia. A former massive antique city, Apollonia is the country's largest archaeological park. You will see some relics of the city such as the Bouleterion, the Odeon or the library (the one in which the emperor Octavius studied!). By going further, you also will see the theatre, the old fountain and even bunkers from the communist era.

Later in the afternoon we will continue to the direction of the city of Vlora. You can stop and have a short visit of the city where the Independency of Albania was declared.

Overnight stay in Vlore.

Vlore – Butrint 3h 30min;

During this day we will pass through the national park of LLogara. Although we will have the possibility to enjoy some amazing sceneries that only the Ionian coast may offer.

We will head towards the region of Himara with its amazing villages like Dhermi, Qeparo, Borsh etc. On the way to Saranda we will have possibility to visit the castle of Ali Pasha of Ioannina.

In the afternoon we will visits the archaeological site of Butrint protected by UNESCO. This site is also part of the 1001 wonders of the world. You can find almost everything in this park, remains from the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Venetians. The rich flora and fauna as well as the romantic views make this place quite paradisiac.

Late in the afternoon we arrive at the city of Saranda. We will visit the city, with its beautiful promenade by the seaside.

Overnight stay in Saranda.

Sarande – Gjirokaster 1h 20min

In the morning we continue our journey in the direction of Gjirokastra known as the “stone city”.

The stoned city will reveal you its special characteristics which made UNESCO list this city too as a World Heritage Site. “Chronicle in stone” is the novel of Ismail Kadare, where he describes his city. Enver Hoxha, the communist dictator is from Gjirokastra too.

The visits planned for today are the castle of the city, as well as one of the characteristic houses known as “Skenduli house”.

Overnight stay in Gjirokastra.

Gjirokaster – Berat 2h 30min

During this day we will visits another site protected by UNESCO, city of Berat, known of its characteristic architecture. Best known as "The city of 1000 windows" you will be charmed by its white houses and steep streets that offer you a special promenade. During a walk, you will see the Castle, many mosques, the Onufri Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

 Overnight in Berat.

Today we will come back to Tirana.  City of vivid colors and night life.

While walking around the city you will discover a mosque, a catholic cathedral and an orthodox one, not located far from each other, which shows about the religious harmony in our country.

The visit of the National Museum located on Skanderbeg Square will be a nice introduction to the rich Albanian history as well.

In the evening, we recommend you to enjoy the night life of the capital in the district of Blok: Once reserved to the communist nomenclature is now a trendy neighborhood and the place where you can have a drink or find a nice restaurant to relax after your last day.

Overnight in Tirane.

This is the last day of your trip to Albania.

One of our agents will accompany you to the airport according to your flight schedule.

We hope you had a great time during your visit and that you will come back to Albania once again.


8 Days
Multi Day



Frequently asked questions

This tour involves moderate hiking and outdoor activities, so a basic to moderate level of physical fitness is recommended. Comfortable walking shoes and a willingness to explore natural terrains are essential.

Besides general fitness, no special preparations are needed. However, carrying essentials like water, sun protection, and appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions is advised.

Accommodations in the villages are homestays, offering an authentic experience of local life. They provide basic amenities and a chance to immerse in the Albanian culture.

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Tirana, Albania


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