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Tirana, Albania
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About this tour

The “DISCOVER ALBANIA” tour is an immersive travel experience that showcases the stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance of Albania’s region. Key aspects of this tour include:

  • Cultural Tour: Explore Albania’s rich cultural heritage through visits to historical cities like Tirana, Korce, and Gjirokaster, delving into the country’s art, history, and traditions.
  • Nature and Adventure Tour: Experience the breathtaking natural beauty of Albania with visits to the Ohrid Lake, the Valbona Valley, and the National Park of Llogara, offering opportunities for hiking, boat rides, and exploring the great outdoors.
  • Historical Tour: Uncover Albania’s layered history with visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites like Butrint and the characteristic architecture of Berat, known as “The City of a Thousand Windows.”
  • Wine and Culinary Tour: Enjoy a wine tasting in Berat and savor traditional Albanian cuisine throughout the journey, providing a taste of the local culinary traditions.
  • Beach and Coastal Tour: Relax and enjoy the stunning Albanian Riviera, with its beautiful beaches and coastal towns like Himare and Qeparo, offering a chance to unwind by the sea.
  • Eco-Tour: Emphasize sustainable travel and the appreciation of Albania’s pristine natural environments, particularly in the protected areas like the Blue Eye natural spring and the Lagoon of Narta.


  • Tirana's Vibrant Start: Begin your Albanian adventure in the colorful capital, Tirana, with potential city tours upon arrival, setting the stage for your exploration.
  • Ohrid Lake and Lin Village: Journey to the stunning Ohrid Lake, one of the world's oldest and deepest lakes, and visit the picturesque lakeside village of Lin, offering boat rides and breathtaking views.
  • Voskopoje's Ecclesiastical Art: Explore Voskopoje (Moscopole), known for its significant Orthodox Christian heritage and 18th-century ecclesiastical art, nestled in a scenic mountain village.
  • Korca, the "Little Paris": Discover the charm of Korca, with its rich history, art museums, and romantic atmosphere, earning it the nickname "Little Paris of Albania."
  • Farma Sotira and Benje Thermal Waters: Relax at Farma Sotira amidst beautiful forests and enjoy the healing thermal waters of Benje, set under the scenic Katiu Ottoman Bridge.
  • Gjirokaster, the Stone City: Delve into the UNESCO-listed "stone city" of Gjirokaster, exploring its historic castle, traditional houses, and the rich heritage of notable figures like Ismail Kadare.
  • The Blue Eye Natural Spring: Be mesmerized by the Blue Eye, a stunning natural water spring known for its deep blue color and crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush nature.
  • Butrint Archaeological Site: Uncover the layers of history at Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcasing remnants from Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Venetian periods.
  • Albanian Riviera and Qeparo Village: Experience the beauty of the Albanian Riviera, visiting charming coastal villages like Qeparo, and enjoy breathtaking views and pristine beaches.
  • Llogara National Park Hiking: Hike in the Llogara National Park, renowned for its rich flora and fauna and spectacular views of the southern Albanian coast.
  • Narta Lagoon and Berat Exploration: Visit the biodiverse Narta Lagoon and explore Berat, another UNESCO site, with its unique architecture and vibrant history.
  • Return to Tirana: Conclude your journey with a return to Tirana, soaking in the city's lively atmosphere, history, and nightlife in the trendy Blok district.
  • This tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Albania's natural wonders, rich history, cultural heritage, and culinary delights, promising an unforgettable experience across this vibrant country.


Landing in Tirana, at the International Tirana Airport “Mother Therese”

You will be welcomed by the staff of our agency and accompanied to the hotel where you will be staying the first night.

Some visits of the city maybe planned, but it will be decided upon the time of arrival.

Overnight in Tirana

Tirane – Lin 2h;

In the morning we will start our journey with the town of Pogradec. This town is located on the shores of the Ohrid Lake, which is one of the oldest and deepest lake in the world. It is also rich in flora and fauna. As a result of which this lake is also UNESCO classified. In Pogradec we can decide to have a walk on the city’s promenade by the side of the lake.

 Lin – Tushemisht 40 min; 

After we will continue our trip by the shores of this lake and stop in another village by the lakeside, Lin. Once in Lin you can see people out riding boats in the Lake. Why not? We can take a ride on a boat, too.

We will then carry on to Tushemisht. A small village on the shore of Lake Ohrid, this place served as a natural setting for the filming of some of the greatest movies of our country. The lake and the mountains on the horizon offer you a breathtaking view!

What’s better than this quiet and very beautiful village for an evening of relax?!

Overnight in Tushemisht.

Tushemisht – Voskopoje 50min;

Our journey will shift towards Voskopoja, also known as Moscopole. It is a small mountain village, and along with a few other local settlements is considered a holy place by local Orthodox Christians. The remaining churches in the region are among the most representative of 18th century ecclesiastical art in the Balkans. There is a combination of mild valley climate in the lower parts and true Alpine climate in the higher regions. Favorable climate conditions make this center ideal for winter, summer, sport and recreation tourism.

After we are finished with the visits of Voskopoja, we will head towards Korca.

Voskopoja - Korca 30 min; 

Nicknamed the "Little Paris of Albania", Korca is a city of art, love and romanticism. Unravel history at its medieval museum (home to a great collection of Orthodox icons), the Orthodox Cathedral, the first Albanian school “ABC”, the characteristic neighborhoods of the city, the Mirahori Mosque and the Old Bazaar of Korca.

Overnight in Korce.

Korce – Farme Sotira 2h;

This morning we will head towards Farma Sotira, positioned in the middle of the most beautiful forests in south Albania.  This farm is designed to give you the relax you need for your vacations. There are more than 100 cows in out farm, more than 300 sheep, chickens, ducks, fishes and horses of course. In the afternoon we are going to walk around the magnificent hills around the farm. We are going to taste the fish of the house as well.

Farma Sotira – Benje 1h 30min ;

Then we will leave on the direction of Benje, the famous thermal waters of Benje, which are located in a very scenic surrounding under the Katiu Ottoman Bridge. We will profit of swimming in those thermal waters. The water temperature is 26-32ºC. 

We will explore as well the Canyon of Langarica, through the rocks of whom crosses the Langarica River, also known as “the blessed river” by the locals because of its thermal waters.

You will have the opportunity to explore the canyon and you discover yourself a panorama of high rocky ‘walls’, a mountain river under your feet, clear blue sky and fresh air.

To put a beautiful end to our journey, we will stop at the city of Permet.

Benje – Permet 20min ;

Also known as the city of flowers, Permet, is also famous for its exquisite cuisine. Traditional products of Permet are the Gliko, made of different kind of fruits. Let’s try them!

Permet is also known for its folkloric music, which we will have the opportunity to enjoy tonight.

Overnight stay in Permet.

Permet – Gjirokaster 1h 10min

In the morning we continue our journey in the direction of Gjirokastra known as the “stone city”.

The stoned city will reveal you its special characteristics which made UNESCO list this city too as a World Heritage Site. “Chronicle in stone” is the novel of Ismail Kadare, where he describes his city. Enver Hoxha, the communist dictator is from Gjirokastra too.

The visits planned for today are the castle of the city, as well as one of the characteristic houses known as “Skenduli house”.

Overnight stay in Gjirokastra.

Gjirokaster – Butrint 2h

We will continue the day with the visit of “Blue eye”, a natural water spring   A popular tourist attraction, the clear blue water of the river bubbles forth from a stunning, more than fifty-meter-deep pool.

Later we will go down to the Riviera. We will visit the archeological site of Butrint protected by UNESCO. This site is also part of the 1001 wonders of the world. You can find almost everything in this park, remains from the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Venetians. The rich flora and fauna as well as the romantic views make this place quite paradisiac.

Butrint – Qeparo 1h 20min

In the afternoon we will make our way through various typical Albanian villages this day and we will be able to stop and visit some of them like Himara, Qeparo, etc.

Overnight stay in Riviera.

Qeparo is divided in two parts: The New village and the Old village. Today we will head for the Old Village or known as the Upper Qeparo, an abandoned village on the top of a mountain 450m above the sea level. We will go for trekking towards this village.

You will notice that Qeparo is connected by a small steep winding road that cuts quickly up a hillside covered in olive trees.

After we get on the top of the Old Village, we will get rewarded with a breathless view of mountains surrounded by bright blue sea.

To get a little relaxed from this walk, you can enjoy sunbathing in the beach.

Qeparo – Llogara 1h 30min

Later our journey will shift towards the National Park of Llogara. This park full of vegetation and well known for its rich flora and fauna is the ideal place to admire the Albanian southern coast. You may do various hikes in this area.

Night in a hotel in the National Park.

Llogara – Narte 1h

This morning we will continue our journey towards the Lagoon of Narta, located in the city of Vlora.

The Lagoon of Narta is recognized as an important Bird and Plant Area of international importance. Within the lagoon, there are two islands located, with Zvërnec Island being the largest. A wooden footbridge connects mainland to the island, where a 13th-century monastery is located. Visit of the monastery.

Narta – Berat = 1h 40min

During this day we will visits another site protected by UNESCO, city of Berat, known of its characteristic architecture. Best known as "The city of 1000 windows" you will be charmed by its white houses and steep streets that offer you a special promenade. During a walk, you will see the Castle, many mosques, the Onufri Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

Overnight in Berat.

Berat –Tirane 1h 40min

Today we will come back to Tirana.  City of vivid colors and night life.

While walking around the city you will discover a mosque, a catholic cathedral and an orthodox one, not located far from each other, which shows about the religious harmony in our country.


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Frequently asked questions

For the Albanian Riviera tour, we recommend packing comfortable clothing suitable for both beach relaxation and hiking. Don't forget swimwear, sun protection, hiking shoes, and a camera to capture the stunning landscapes. Light layers are advisable for evenings in Dhermi and exploring Tirana.

Absolutely! The Albanian Riviera tour offers activities enjoyable for all ages, including beach time in Dhermi and scenic hikes in Llogara National Park. The historical sites and cultural explorations in Tirana are both educational and engaging for children.

The tour includes a variety of activities, from relaxing beach days to moderate hiking in Llogara National Park. The hikes can be adjusted to suit different fitness levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Albanian landscape comfortably.

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