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Tirana, Albania
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8 days 7 nights

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About this tour

The “Northern Albania” tour by Evasion Albania is an 8-day adventure that includes:

  1. Cultural Tour: Exploring historical cities like Tirana, Kruje, and Shkoder, visiting museums, and learning about Albania’s rich history and diverse cultural heritage.
  2. Nature and Adventure Tour: Including ferry rides across Komani Lake, hikes in the Valbona Valley and to the Sheepfold of Rama, and exploring the natural wonders of Theth like canyons, waterfalls, and the “Blue Eye.”
  3. Historical Tour: Visiting significant historical sites and museums, such as the Skanderbeg Museum in Kruje, to delve into Albania’s past and the figures who shaped it.
  4. Eco-Tour: Emphasizing sustainable travel and the appreciation of Albania’s pristine natural environments, particularly in the Albanian Alps and the Valbona National Park.
  5. Walking and Hiking Tour: Offering numerous opportunities for guided hikes through Albania’s stunning mountainous terrain, appealing to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  6. Culinary Tour: Although not explicitly mentioned, the inclusion of all meals suggests opportunities to experience local Albanian cuisine, potentially including traditional guesthouse stays where local dishes are served.

This tour is designed to cater to travelers looking for a comprehensive experience that combines physical activity, cultural immersion, historical exploration, and the enjoyment of natural beauty.



  • Tirana Arrival: Begin your Northern Albania exploration with a warm welcome at Tirana International Airport and potential city tours depending on arrival time.
  • Komani Lake Ferry Crossing: Experience a breathtaking ferry journey across Komani Lake, surrounded by stunning landscapes reminiscent of Norwegian fjords, en route to the Valbona Valley.
  • Valbona Valley Stay: Immerse yourself in the majestic Albanian mountains with an overnight stay in a Valbona guesthouse, with optional afternoon hiking to the Sheepfold of Zic.
  • Sheepfold of Rama Hike: Trek to the Sheepfold of Rama at 1800m altitude, enjoying the heart of Albania's mountainous nature and tasting fresh local sheep products.
  • Theth Village Exploration: Hike from Valbona to the isolated and picturesque village of Theth through the Valbona Pass, with stunning views and a mule to carry luggage, reflecting Edith Durham's admiration for its grandiose isolation.
  • Theth's Natural Wonders: Discover Theth's canyons, waterfalls, and the mesmerizing "Blue Eye" water source, with opportunities for swimming in its crisp waters.
  • Shkoder and Kruje Visit: Travel to Shkoder, known for its religious harmony, and Kruje, the historical city of Albania's National Hero, Skanderbeg, exploring museums and the old market.
  • Elbasan and Belsh Stopover: Journey towards Elbasan with a stop in Belsh, famous for its numerous lakes, and visit a local farm before returning to Tirana for final explorations and nightlife.
  • Departure: Conclude your Northern Albania adventure with a transfer to the airport, filled with memories of stunning landscapes, rich history, and unique cultural experiences.


Tirana è Koman 2h 40min

After an early start, then we head towards the splendid Albanian mountains in the Valbone Valley.

Firstly, we will cross the Komani Lake in ferry. This will be a great experience, a journey in the heart of nature with magnificent landscapes compared to the Norwegian fjords. After a 2:30 hours trip by ferry we will take the bus for about 1 hour towards Valbona Valley. Once we will arrive, we will accommodate to the guest house.


In the afternoon for anyone who is interested in doing some hiking, the Sheepfold of Zic is a great opportunity. (hiking 4-5 hours)

Night in a guesthouse in Valbone.

During this day, we head towards the sheepfold of Rama which is at an altitude of 1800 m. Through this hike of about 5h, we will be again immersed in nature, in the heart of the mountains of Albania. Once there (as a reward to our efforts!) we will have the opportunity to taste the fresh products of the sheep while admiring the beautiful landscape of Albanian Alps.

The rest of your day is free at your disposal.

Night in a guesthouse in Valbone.

"I think any place in the world trodden by man never gave me a grandiose feeling of isolation" Thus Edith Durham (British journalist) described Theth in the 1900s.

Located in the heart of the Albanian Alps, the National Park covers nearly 2,300 hectares.

We start today’s hike at the valbone valley to the village of Theth, passing through the Valbona's neck. This walk of about 6-7 hours in a landscape with postcard –like views will leave you speechless.  During your hike you will be accompanied by a mule, which will carry your luggage.

Night in a guesthouse in Theth.

What’s on today? More fantastic landscapes. Today we will discover Theth and its surroundings. We will continue our discovery of this region with its canyons and waterfall. Then we are going to explore the natural water source called "the blue eye", natural sites of great beauty. Possibility to swim into the cold water of 10 degree.   

Night in a guesthouse in Theth.

Kruje è Shkoder 2h 30min

Today we will drive towards the city of Shkodra, on the border with Montenegro. This town is the symbol of harmony between all the coexisting religions in Albania. You will see some Catholic, Orthodox Muslim and Bektashi monuments.

Shkoder è Kruje 1h 30min

Then you will leave for Kruja, a very important historical city as well as the hometown of Albania’s National Hero, Skanderbeg. We will have the opportunity to learn more about this 15th century great leader by visiting the museum which was named after him, “Skanderbeg Museum”. The ethnographic museum is also an opportunity to discover the local culture, lifestyle and family traditions. Finally, we can have a stroll between the stalls of the old market located on a charming square with cobbled streets: ideal to pick some souvenirs

Overnight in Kruja.


Kruje è  Elbasan 1h 30min

This morning you will continue your journey towards the city of Elbasan. On the way we will make a stop in Belsh, the small town well known for the numbers of lakes (83). You will have the opportunity to visit a farm around there. Then you will drive towards Elbasan where you will have lunch.

Elbasan è  Tirane 40min

After lunch you will head on the direction of Tirana. Depends on your arrivals you may continue with your visits in Tirana.

During the afternoon, you may go on exploring Tirana and its nightlife as well.

Overnight in Tirane.

This is the last day of your trip to Albania.

One of our agents will accompany you to the airport according to your flight schedule.

We hope you had a great time during your visit and that you will come back to Albania once again.


8 Days
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Frequently asked questions

Besides general fitness, no special preparations are needed. However, carrying essentials like water, sun protection, and appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions is advised.

Accommodations in the villages are homestays, offering an authentic experience of local life. They provide basic amenities and a chance to immerse in the Albanian culture.

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Tirana, Albania


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